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10 Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

Here are 10 questions that you should definitely ask your wedding photographer! See our answers by clicking the questions. Feel free to reach out if your question is not answered here!

For weddings, our goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible. We want to capture the day exactly as it happened and we’ll look for those special and emotional moments between you and your family. When it’s time to get formal photos, we’ll for sure get all of the traditional wedding photos to make your parents happy 😉 We strive to capture details that you may miss during the day and also the moments you are fully immersed in so that you can remember those for a lifetime!

During the engagement shoot, I will keep you moving around as much as possible and tell you certain “prompts” to do to your significant other! One of my favorites is for one spouse to write something using their nose on the other’s face!! The goal is to get you laughing and interacting with your spouse like you would naturally without a photographer present. You will not look stiff/posed in my photos!

Our editing style is warm with earthy-tones. Please visit our Instagram to get a feel for what your photos will look like!

First off, congrats on getting engaged!! So, once you reach out to us, we like to have video consultations with you and your fiance to hear all about your wedding details! We also get to share with you everything we can offer you for your wedding! There will be absolutely no pressure to book us during the consultation. You can take the next couple days or weeks to talk it over with your fiance and family to determine if you would like to book your wedding photography with us. Once you decide, we’ll send over a contract to sign and we’ll need $500 to secure your wedding date. The rest of the payment can be paid in monthly installments or 1 month before the wedding. Then we can schedule your engagement session! 

This one all depends on how much coverage you would like us to do on your wedding day. For full coverage – from getting ready to your grand sparkler exit – it will be at least 7 hours. If any of the locations require driving time, it could add a couple of hours to the time. When we have our consolation together, we’ll discuss your custom timeline in order to make sure we capture exactly what you want us to!

We do not take a limited number of photos during the session. The number of photos delivered depends on the type of session. 

For weddings, there is no cap on the amount of photos you will get. Generally, you will receive 60-100 photos per hour.

I (Rodney) am the main photographer at RJP Photography. Sheena (my wife) is the main videographer. We are able to shoot hybrid coverage, meaning we can both capture photo or video when we need to be in seperate suites (groomsmen suite and bridesmaid suite).

If something unexpected comes up and we are unable to cover your wedding after you’ve signed the contract, we will hire someone just as adequate as us to capture your wedding (this is very rare and has never happened to us).

Yes!! You will be able to download the photos from your online gallery and have them printed wherever you want. You will be given a print release which allows you to print them. It is recommended that you buy prints directly from RJP Photography to ensure professional quality. Your gallery site will have an easy to use online store for any products you wish to purchase.

Delivery time for weddings is up to 5 weeks, while an engagement or portrait session is up to 2 weeks.

We’ll send a sneak peek from your wedding or portrait session within 24 hours of the shoot.

Yes!! Many venues require photographers to carry liability insurance, but even if your’s does not, rest assured, we are covered.

The quick answer – whatever you feel most comfortable in! It’s important to break an outfit in before you wear it to your photoshoot. We would recommend not wearing anything that is too restricting – we’ll be moving around a lot during the session! We recommend wearing complimentary colors and less bold patterns/colors. Muted, nuetral, or pastel colors are always a good choice!

If we had a dime for every time we heard this one… we’d have at least five dollars haha!! But really, a lot of couples feel like they don’t know how to pose. The good thing is that we aren’t going to be posing you! We like to have fun during the sessions with couples and hope you want to as well! We like to give couples “prompts” to get them loving on their spouse! As long as you work with us and trust the process, your photos will turn out great!!! Speaking of, have you seen our insta!?

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